Developmentally Appropriate Practice...And Why We Don't Push Kids Down the Stairs


That title makes people feel's meant to. Some popular practices should make us uncomfortable too. Based on a popular series of posts by the same name, this presentation uses a simple metaphor to focus on societal trends pushing curriculum and expectations further and further down to our youngest children.

Rooted in the belief that these changes have been made with the best of intentions, but not the best information, this presentation works to lay out the facts of how children are meant to learn and why respecting the process of development is always appropriate.  

  • Demystify DAP: Learn how to define DAP simply and in a way you can apply clearly.
  • Learn What's at Stake: Why not try to get children to do a little more a little sooner? We'll discuss what's really at stake.
  • Build Advocacy: Learn the facts that will help you correct misguided assumptions and stand up for children and childhood.
  • Q&A: Stay after the Masterclass for a Q&A with Amanda Morgan.
  • Limited Recording Available: If you aren't able to come live, you will be sent a recording that will be available for a limited time.
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